Do you really feel that your work is over once you have built the site and launched it in the market? Time for a reality check.

A survey says that majority of business fail to get themselves noticed when they fail to maintain their website regularly. Google stops caring about you and your website gets prone to hacking with each passing day. Again, when you fail to update your website with latest feeds it gives consumer a hint that you have stopped caring for your business and you have nothing new to offer. CodeCyclopedia offers diverse technology-based Website Maintenance plans to keep your visitor counter ticking.

We cater to clients belonging to different industry verticals. Our dedicated Website Maintenance team ensures that the site is updated regularly with the right product information, relevant and updated content, latest news etc. We perform the migration if the need arises and carry out the rest of Website Maintenance activities from there on.

We offer the maintenance services in the following form:

Content Update:

We make sure that your website has a fresh, current and curated content every time the website is visited. It is this content that makes the presence of website visible on Google and engages the consumer. Again, we understand the importance of articles and blogs written few years back and maintain archive services for the site too.

Technology Up-gradation:

With technology evolving faster than humans, a website looks archaic and outdated if not updated using latest technology, frameworks and graphics. It is quite possible that software firms may stop supporting old technologies which may cause the malfunctioning of your website.

Back Up Information:

In the age where even central govt. websites are not spared and hackers give sites like Facebook, Google and Sony sleepless nights, we make sure that you have all your data backed up, especially users’ sensitive information, and can be retrieved when needed.

Why Us?

  • Quick latest version upgrades and module installation
  • Accurate bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Affordable monthly back up services
  • Dedicated resource for code restructuring process
  • Proven site performance optimization
  • Experienced team for SEO optimization

“If you believe maintenance is not worth it, ask your spouse!”