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Facebook Marketing

After the fact that Narendra Modi is India’s big hope for a better future, the next thing which perhaps even an Eskimo might be familiar with is Facebook. It is a whole different world altogether! At present, this platform not only shares and shows news, but it makes news, breaks news, and even decides “What’s News!” Hence, this world is not left alone by the invaders, whom we call the business people. Coming to a serious note, Facebook Marketing has undoubtedly changed the way people do business, or conduct trade. It has ingeniously managed to create an entirely separate ecosystem of sales, media, and marketing, to name a few.

As it has an extravagantly huge user base, it provides businesses a grand opportunity to find and woo new customers, and keep bewitching the old ones. This process, as we all know, is called “Marketing”. Performing Marketing through Facebook is to be called as Facebook Marketing, in reality and virtuality as well, they both are actually quite different from each other. Then, how do we walk through this lane, without falling flat on our face? The answer is simple. You can’t! But what you can do is walk with protective gears! Does that sound better? So, to do that, follow some key pointers when it comes to Facebook Marketing :

  • Only a “recognizable” photo should be used as the “Profile Picture”.
  • Never leave the “About” section of the page blank.
  • “Posting too often does the job”, is a myth!
  • Use insights from Facebook to analyze the performance of the page.
  • Multimedia posts go a long way!
  • Posts must be made on strategic timings.
  • Response must be as quick as possible.
  • If it worked for them, doesn’t mean that it will work in your case as well!

Now, let us discuss those basic pointers in a bit more elaborate manner.

Only a “recognizable” photo should be used as the “Profile Picture”

Think of the “Profile Picture” of your page as the dress you’re wearing while giving a lecture. Now, what will be happen if you appear in your class in a Bermuda and a Rick James T-shirt to present a lecture on International Trade? That’s what exactly will happen if your “Profile Picture” isn’t in tune with your brand. The most “generic” safe option is to go with the company logo.

Never leave the “About” section of the page blank

This section of the page is a very crucial one, and is the best imitation of a real-life “Hi, I’m so and so. I do so and so. And so on!” This area should never be empty as it doesn’t only puts a bad impression on the viewer’s mind, but can also drive people from entering your page to “just scrolled through” your page.

“Posting too often does the job”, is a myth!

When you post continuously throughout the day, it doesn’t only irritate the followers.  So that this doesn’t happen, come up with one or maximum two posts which are high in quality and would actually catch the followers’ eyes than just implying, “Please open my page! Please, please, please…”

Use insights from Facebook to analyze the performance of the page

If you don’t have the knowledge of how exactly each post made by you is performing, how are you supposed to get better in generating traffic? It all comes down to this point, where you analyze the situations to dig out the loop holes in the system of your campaign, and only then move to find a suitable solution for those!

Multimedia posts go a long way!

“Cheap flat cakes which is round in structure, and stuffed with minced meat, then grilled or fried and eventually served in a bread roll!” or, a picture of a burger with “Cheap” written over it! What will catch your eye? The answer is as simple as the fact that visual content is very essential to succeed on any marketing platform.

Posts must be made on strategic timings

Typically, which time of the day does your target audience use Facebook? If you don’t know that, then you would be posting something which is really very good, but at the time when your follower opens his or her account the post might have already moved way down in the recent news feeds list. This marks a heavy chance that he or she might not even get to the post. So, to avoid this mishap, study the pattern of your target audience in Facebook usage and prepare schedule.

Response must be as quick as possible

Responding means to imply “that you care”! If you lag behind in this tiny aspect, then the viewers may get unsatisfied, angry, or disappointed. To gain better follower loyalty, make sure your response rate is fast, in terms of both negative and positive encounters.

If it worked for them, doesn’t mean that it will work in your case as well!

This goes out without saying that just because a particular strategy or tactic showed great results for someone, that doesn’t make it a sure short win-win situation for you. For example, offering beats audio with apple iPhones did great in terms of sales doesn’t mean that pairing it with Samsung phones will increase their sales as well. What was a hit for someone can be the biggest bump for another! So, studying the strategy, and both your brand and theirs, is essential while using a strategy that someone has already used and saw successful benefits.

Although this area of thought is almost never-ending, the above mentioned points are highly crucial.

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