As Google announced its mobile friendly update where it will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages in its search results, it has become imperative for every organization to either redesign its existing website or create a website from the scratch that is mobile friendly. Let us have a look at the factors that you must ask your website designer to incorporate to make a mobile friendly website:

  • No Tapping or Zooming

The algorithm has been updated in such a way that high quality results where the content and text is readable without any zooming and there is no menace of horizontal scrolling will be in the higher SEO rankings. However, this does not mean that quality of content will have no consideration. High quality content, even if not mobile friendly, will rank higher in comparison.

  • Page level ranking boost

The algorithm has been updated to consider the mobile friendly pages and not site. If you want to save on the cost of redesigning the whole website, you can only redesign few pages to be mobile friendly and get the advantage out of it.

  • What if the audience is desktop only?

The famous Myntra shutdown of website and going app only has startled the internet world. The mobile-friendly update will apply to mobile searches conducted across all sites, regardless of the site’s target audiences’ language, region, or proportion of mobile to desktop traffic.

  • Embedding YouTube videos

 It is high time that you check on how Youtube videos are embedded. Use of the old HTML tags may result in making the webpage as mobile unfriendly and despite having a mobile friendly site, a single mistake can cause you a fortune.

  • Links to mobile unfriendly sites

The webpage does not get affected even if it links to a page that is not mobile friendly. It may lead to a bad user experience but it does not have any effect on the SEO part.

  • Which is the best: Responsive Web design or hosting a mobile site?

The intent of the algorithm update is to provide a good user experience to the end user. Now whether it  may be through responsive web design or mobile site, the SEO ranking does not get affected. However, when using the mobile site, you have to make sure that website is adhering to the mobile SEO guide

In this age when mobile is the future, we highly recommend you to build a mobile friendly site. The initial cost may be a little higher than just the desktop version, however it is just a fraction of the cost you are paying to be on the pages of google and minds of your customers.

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