Instagram has been quite a rage amongst the tech-savvy youth for displaying their latest accessories, jewellery, high ended products and new and funky looks. Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, the site offers no business-specific features. However, with the lately announced 300 Million user base, the brands, particularly premium, are rushing to the portal to showcase their products. A report from digital research firm L2 found that 93 percent of premier brands have a presence on the site.[1]

In addition to that, Instagram launched direct messaging, also known as a snapchat killer, bringing in a new way to share product photos and videos with the customers.Merchants can now drive personal messages containing photos and 15-second videos similar to twitter’s direct message functionality. These messages can be shared with individuals or groups of up to 15 people and can attract users who are more apt to use apps.

How can E-commerce ventures leverage Instagram to reach more and more consumers?

1) Sell through Instagram

There is no business specific feature on Instagram that helps you sell directly through Instagram. This makes conversion rates quite low. However, four app providers – Soldsie, <a< span=””> href=”http://inselly.com/landing” target=”_blank”>Inselly, Instaorders, and 10Sec – made up ways to render the site to make it a sales channel. For example, an online accessory retailer Prep obsessed used Soldsie to sell their items to sell through comments on its Insta posts.

2) Integrating Instagram photos into your E-commerce website

You can put up a  a widget on the home page of your store that displays photos taken by customers wearing the brand’s merchandise. On clicking nay of the pictures, a pop-up window appears showcasing the jewellery within the photo, with a link to the product page.

3) Clicking Lifestyle Photos

What better way to showcase products than to show them by using lifestyle photos, the images that resemble real-life settings.

4) Showing ‘Behind the Scenes’ Photos

Besides, giving special promotional offers to your most loyal customers, the consumers share a personal bond when they witness the back channel operations and get the sense of the company’s culture.

The sports fans after seeing the players on the field and in their uniforms are curious to what their favourite stars do when they aren’t playing a game and have a chance to relax, or in St. Louis Cardinals’ Joe Kelly’s case, let it all out.

5) Observe those Festivals

There’s ample of industries that thrive only to celebrate the seasons with various type of promotional offers as well as products, generating a lot of goodwill.

For example, Roskilde Festival, an annual week-long international cultural event offering quality experiences based on modern music and creative kinship, does quite a promotion through its instagram account.

6) Instagram’s Video Offering

If photographs creates curiosity, videos satisfy that curiosity with a feeling of wishing for more. For example, brands like Nike, Burberryke, Burberry, Forever 21, Topshop etc, have used Instagram’s video capability to its best offering.

Click here to watch Burberry’s Instagram video.

Having said all that, Instagram is a very powerful tool to ignore because the power of photographs and videos all in one platform is rare and it is a bus you definitely don’t want to miss.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

-Dorathea Lange


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