What do you call a blend of enthusiasm for technology, innovation and content? We call it CodeCyclopedia. CodeCyclopedia is a new generation start-up that caters to the technical, content and marketing needs of start-ups, SMEs and e-commerce ventures. The core team has worked through all of them and knows the need of each of them. The team has worked extensively on providing bespoke solutions for each of them that are affordable, best in quality and equipped with latest features and technology.

CodeCyclopedia believes in hiring the best talent and has hired the best of developers, testers, content and social media marketing experts.

Building your brand

We first try to understand what your business stands for and what does in it believe in. Right from the website design to the content, we put your core idea and belief into it. The marketing strategy we help build you is a reflection of your brand identity. We help you a build long term relationship with your clients because we want to build one with you.

Working with the best

A wise man said ‘Time and Money are the most important things in life’. He would have been wiser had he included Data in the adage too. We value confidentiality and security of your data and hence we execute Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) with each of our clients that prohibits any employee of the company to disclose any kind of information.

Project availability

We make sure that we don’t make promises we can’t keep and once we make, we leave no stone unturned to deliver. Be it the external circumstances, technical complexity or financial constraints, we believe in delivering the best to our clients.

Seeing Is Believing

Time that we shut up bragging about ourselves and let the work speak instead! Check our portfolio to visit our exclusive work on E-Commerce sites, Content Management Systems and Mobile Apps.

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We Blog Too

We want you to know what our developers are upto, what latest technologies are they using and the latest trends in our industry! We hail transparency high, We hail our Blog high!

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